About Me

Hi, my name is Shelly: Welcome to Teacher in Training!

When I first started teaching, I was lost and felt like my PGCE had barely prepared me for the reality of the classroom and what learning can and should be. I am now a fair bit older and just a little wiser.

Teacher in Training is both an ongoing exploration of my own learning journey and a guide to all the tools and ideas I wish I had known about sooner.

I have taught Science, English, Mathematics and Humanities so this site is filled with quite a spread of subject matter! Have a look around and I hope you find this site useful for your own learning journey

If you are interested in reading about my life and travels in SE Asia, you can check out my travel blog : https://notalllwhowanderarelost.wordpress.com/

I also recently did an interview with Diabetes SA e-magazine which explains a bit more about my life with Diabetes: http://www.diabetessa.org.za/teacher-diabetes/