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CAPS vs Cambridge

I finally got round to comparing CAPS and Cambridge. This article details a few of my thoughts, having taught both curricula Continue reading

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Why South African Private Schools should embrace the 3 term approach

Growing up, I attended public schools in South Africa and blithely accepted that a school year had 4 terms. I could never imagine any other way because I had not seen any other way! It was only when I started … Continue reading

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Why good teachers leave

I recently resigned from my first international teaching job. All teachers who had been there for more than a year chose not to renew their contracts and it was a devastating situation. I adored and admired my students and in … Continue reading

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Giving Useful Feedback to Students

Giving continuous, useful feedback is such an integral part of good teaching. I’m at a loss as to why it does not form a bigger part of the PGCE! Many new teachers (myself included) struggle with how to give good … Continue reading

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Learning to Learn

John and Hank Green are two of my innovation heroes. They have transformed the online landscape in so many ways and Crash Course and Scishow (though both have their faults) are pioneering educational video channels. They are also just all … Continue reading

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Amazing Hoop Gliders

Continuing the STEM theme, I present to you…. The Amazing Hoop Glider! There’s not a child in the world who doesn’t love making paper airplanes. Recently, we decided to do another combined  science class where students had to just that… … Continue reading

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Defining Democracy for Secondary Students

If you’ve read a few of my posts, you’ve probably picked up I think students knowing their civic roles and responsibilities is vital. We live in an era where there is too much tension and hatred – of other races, … Continue reading

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Thinking STEM: The Cup Stacking Challenge

Progress Tests are done, Reports need to be written. Children still need to learn but at this point in the year, are thoroughly over being taught. What to do? When browsing some teaching blogs recently,I came across a school running … Continue reading

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Google Sites to the Rescue!

Recently, I realised just before a lesson that my printing cap had been reached. I thus found myself in a dilemma: The lesson I had planned required students to have access to extracts from Anne Frank’s diary. I could have … Continue reading

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Model Paris Peace Conference of 1919

With all the political craziness going on in 2017, barely a Humanities class has gone by without the words Trump, Theresa May or Brexit being uttered! This has been the perfect opportunity to discuss democracy and its many favours and faults. … Continue reading

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